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Interactive Storytelling With FictionGPT

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

At BAILEY AI, we're excited to unveil FictionGPT, a Custom interactive storytelling GPT designed to change how we interact with narrative media. Our goal? To create captivating, choice-driven multi-media stories tailored to each reader's unique preferences and imagination.

FictionGPT Character image
A story hero from FictionGPT.

How FictionGPT Works

FictionGPT offers a highly interactive and customisable storytelling experience. To embark on your adventure, you can:

  • Choose Your Genre: Pick a genres or create your own.

  • Select Your Character: Define who you are in this adventure.

  • Decide Your Setting: Choose the world you wish to explore.

  • Or free form your own ideas with the FictionGPT Ai.

  • You can do virtually anything in a FictionGPT story world.

Once you've set the stage, FictionGPT instantly crafts a book cover and an intriguing introduction, setting the scene with character backgrounds and an engaging plot kickoff. You'll also be asked to choose a moral alignment for your lead character, good, neutral, or even evil, for who doesn't like to be the villain sometimes.

The Power of Choice

As your story unfolds, you'll face choices that shape the narrative. These aren't your average decisions; expect to grapple with morally complex dilemmas that challenge and engage. Your choices will guide the story down unique paths, ensuring no two adventures are the same. You can choose to follow the story suggestions or go off in other directions with the ability to type your own unique responses to the storyline as it builds.

The Moral of The Story

But know this, the key to success is in playing your FictionGPT character it to be true to itself. Be careful how you choose and direct the action, be true to your character or this is where the you'll find turmoil and maybe even a sticky ending.

AI Visual Storytelling

To enhance your experience further, FictionGPT seamlessly integrates visual elements, vividly bringing scenes, characters, and events to life. Each story is not just read, but experienced visually, ensuring that your journey is truly one-of-a-kind.

For readers who prefer more visual aids, FictionGPT is equipped to respond. Simply ask, and the AI will provide illustrative content that complements and enriches your narrative adventure with every progression. As the capabilities of FictionGPT improve users will be able to call up and engage with audio-visual scenes from the story.

Adaptive and Responsive

FictionGPT is designed to listen and adapt. If you want to steer the story in a different direction to what is suggested or explore new possibilities, just let FictionGPT know what you'd like, tell in in your own words. Our AI is tuned to your preferences, ensuring that your adventure is truly your own.

FictionGPT Moving Forwards

FictionGPT is a fresh venture for BAILEY AI, and while still in its early stages, we're committed to evolving its multi-media capabilities. We're dedicated to developing rich interactivity and storytelling driven by user interactions and ensuring that each story path is as engaging and as profound as traditional linear authored narratives.

We're also exploring ways to incorporate user feedback directly into the AI's learning process, allowing our model to be refined and enriched by its audience data.

Join us on this exciting journey and discover a new world of storymaking where your choices create rich multi-media narratives. Join our OpenAI GPT Store discord .



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