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HUMAN8 AI Entertainment

Introducing HUMAN8, an AI-driven entertainment story world from BAILEY AI.

Leveraging our proprietary in-house AI pipeline, known as the Fiction Engine, and the newly launched FictionGPT GPT+ for story development, we at BAILEY AI are demonstrating the capabilities of our tools in the most effective way – by actively using them in production.

The AI video for HUMAN8 is generated locally, utilizing the BAILEY AI Fiction Engine. This process involves rendering on multiple local machines, configured to deliver smooth and high-quality diffusion at 24 frames per second. This approach not only showcases our technological prowess but also sets a new benchmark in AI-driven storytelling.

Fiction Engine 1.2 BETA With Directors Checkpoints

The content you are viewing, both in written and visual formats, is entirely generated by AI, courtesy of the skilled team at BAILEY AI. By integrating AI models with our proprietary performance data and utilizing our high-performance hardware, we have the capability to produce AI-driven films and entertainment entirely in-house. This approach ensures that all intellectual property remains secure and under our control, eliminating the need to rely on third-party resources.

If you're interested in learning about Fiction Engine and our AI-driven film production process, we invite you to contact us. We provide consultancy services to assist other studios in adopting generative AI for creative purposes and also serve as freelance creative directors for multimedia AI productions.

Our methods are hard-earned and immensely valuable. The models we develop and the narratives we craft using them are both our fortune and our medium of expression. What we do is capture human performances to create unique datasets, capturing the essence of our artists' performances and integrating them into our AI creations.

At our soundstages in North Wales, we capture character performance data. These fully-equipped facilities boast a 9500 square foot soundproof stage designed for performance capture, complemented by on-site production amenities, office spaces, and workshops.



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